Tuesday, June 7, 2011

nails...not just for hanging pictures.

What better way to distract someone before a punch to the face than with really cool nails??

Still just kidding, we would never really punch anyone.

Three nifty nail trends to suit this purpose: neon, crackle, and pastel (respectively).

"Neon Yellow" and "Mannequin" by American Apparel. (I'll let you decide which color is which.)

One of the nails is nude. Why not?

"Mannequin" by American Apparel under "Black Crackle" by OPI.

Perhaps you hit someone so hard (or with such skill) that it perfectly shattered your polish. I'll never tell.

"Borrowed and Blue" by Essie.

A softer look than the others, but I particularly love this color with black. Even the most ardent rebeller has a softer side....

Happy rebelling, fellow badasses.

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