Sunday, June 5, 2011

closet editing/colorless coordinating

Every year (or so) there comes a time in a girl's life that's hard and taxing...and that time is closet cleaning time. 

In the face of an impending move (more on that later), I decided to take it upon myself to rip everything out of my closet yesterday and put it back in. (That last part is still in progress, see below.)

I've also made the switch to wooden hangers; I honestly have no idea why it took me so long. Not only do they look better, it makes me feel like I'm getting dressed in my own personal little store. I like pretty things, so sue me. (Or don't, among having few readers this blog also generates no revenue...)

Taking everything out proved to be a good tactic though, as somehow it's much easier to decide what I don't want when it comes to putting it back in rather than taking it out. How's that for some fashion psychology? You should try it. Kind of cathartic. 

(P.S. Yes, there is a tag on that shirt. I bought it a mere two days ago. Barney's sale. Don't go. It's amazing.)

However, now that I'm passed all the no brainer keepers in my closet, I've crossed into the muddy territory of "I might wear this someday". I'm trying to be brutal, but it's hard. I've gotten rid of things before only to want that exact thing months later. Oh the perils of clothing. I just keep telling myself that what I honestly don't wear can be sold and "regenerated" into something infinitely more fabulous/intimidating. Now that's motivation.

Updates soon. (I hope, I'd like to see my floor again at some point.)

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