Wednesday, June 29, 2011

THE apartment

We'll call this the "before":

View from standing in living room.


My sister striking a pose in the living room.

Bathroom/view into the bedroom.

Standing in the dining room.

Living room corner!

Yep, that would be my finger.


Windows in the bedroom.

Entry hallway.

So cool story: this building used to be part of the Santa Fe Railroad. They had 4 buildings in downtown Dallas (three of which are left), and this is the third one. There are actually still underground rail road tunnels under downtown that they used to use back then, and the penthouse used to be the "University Club", which was a speakeasy frequented by only very prominent business men and required access via skybridge for secrecy. (Swanky.) In WWII the building was used as an induction center for the troops, and after WWII it was part of the Dallas Garment District. After that, it housed companies like WFAA radio...and now, it houses me.

Gotta get back to packing...stay edgy, my friends.


  1. This is the coolest apartment I've ever seen. I'm not even being sarcastic for once.

  2. HOW have we not seen after pictures! WTF lady.

  3. Because sadly, there never was a complete after! After a year of living there, it was SO close to being finished...and then our building decided to sell the place and gave us about two weeks to get out. Don't even get me started. The closest thing to after photos I have is here: